Retro Revolver Stocks

Our Retro Revolver Stocks are created for the shooter wanting a traditional looking stock with excellent performance in beautiful wood.  Our Retro Stocks take the look of the stocks once provided by Smith & Wesson when they made their own stocks.  These are in no way an exact copy, they are our rendition.  These grips are rounded at the front unlike our Tactical Stocks.  We hope you find these to have a traditional look with an improved feel.  We’ve included our Boot grips in this group simply because they were developed from our Retro Line of stocks.  These stocks are available for K/L & N frame revolvers


Retro Target Stock

This stock is at first glance a copy of S&W’s target stock.  Closer inspection will reveal that we took artistic license to insure that it was comfortable for those of us who can’t palm a basketball.  It is available for K/L and N frame guns in square butt and round to square conversions.  You will find it takes a very traditional look when made in goncalo alves or walnut.  It is available in all of our revolver woods and laminates.  It fits K/L and N frame S&W revolvers.


Retro Combat Square Butt

These grips were produced to provide a substitute for Smith’s original combat stocks.  We have been told that they are the most comfortable grip we make.  They are available in a true square butt and also a round to square conversion grip.  The Retro Combat takes on an even more original look when done in Goncalo Alves like the originals.  These grips have a rounded base to help prevent printing when carrying concealed.


Oil Finished Moradillo


Retro Combat Round Butt

These grips are the round butt model of the Retro Combat grips.  They too are are rounded at the bottom to aid in concealed carry.  I find these grips to be proportioned well enough to work on both short and long barrel guns.  These grips are for K/L and N frame revolvers with a round butt.


Oil finished Goncalo Alves


Retro Banana Grip

This grip model is like the Retro Combat round butt with out finger grooves.  It is also like the Retro Target only for a round butt.  What ever you want to call it we call it our Retro Banana.  It makes a great grip for the shooter who doesn’t want finger grooves.  We make the bottom rounded to aid in concealment.  This grip fits all K/L and N frames with a round butt. 


Oil finished Goncalo Alves



Concealed Carry Boot Grip

These grips go to the bottom of the frame. Their shape fills thehand well giving great control.  Available in a round butt grip with and without finger grooves. A square butt model is only available with finger grooves.
For K/L and N frame revolvers.


Oil finished Cocobolo

Oil Finished Goncalo Alves


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